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Suunto military compasses and navigation equipment, dive computers and sports/professional watches. For professional or everyday/outdoor use.

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  • SS004102011

    Suunto Clipper L/B NH is a superior micro compass that is always a part of your gear. Suunto attachable Clipper compass forms a natural part of your outdoor gear, freeing up hands and easing the mind. You can fasten it to a strap, sleeve or map edge. Compass is operable in low light with luminescent markings.

    17,90 €
  • SS021370000

    A premium quality precision compass for convenient direction taking globally even in demanding conditions. Reliable and essential for navigating and surviving in extreme conditions. This hardy baseplate compass is ready for the challenge. Packed with quick-release lanyard and quick guide. Great for professional use - military, security and LE etc.

    64,90 €
  • SS014889000

    Globally balanced compass in a handy matchbox style case. Tough, with a super rugged protective housing and with features needed in navigation at high elevation. Comes with lanyard, declination correction tool, and quick Guide. Great for professional use - military, security and LE etc.

    94,90 €
  • SS012277013

    A floating, ergonomic multi-purpose mirror compass that combines precision with practicality. Simple sighting compass with added useful features that will help trekkers go even further into the great outdoors. Packed with lanyard, whistle and quick guide.

    34,90 €
  • SS021843000

    GPS outdoor watch with versatile navigation functions for hiking and trekking. Suunto Traverse gives you the confidence of finding your way and encourages you to step off the beaten track. Topographic maps in Suunto Movescount and the integrated GPS/GLONASS navigation help you plan and find your way in the wild. Automatic breadcrumb of your track ensures...

    419,90 €




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