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    Spaio Thermal Balaclava made of sophisticated fabrics for cold winter days. Soft and with unique bacteriostatic and anti-odor properties. It stretches in all directions and ensures a perfect fit to the body. The exceptional two-layer fabric structure and flat seams ensure the evacuation of moisture and sweat maintaining the skin dry, keeping it warm and...

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    Perunika Paracord 550 Type III is a multi-purpose nylon cord with breaking strength of 250 kg and with reflective sheath. Manufactured and certificated (GSA compliant) in the United States and packed under our own trademark. Because the sheath glows in the dark, it's great to pitch the tent with, mark your gear and clothing etc.

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  • CK311

    Small and useful button compass. Small enought to always be with you, but with high precision for serious use. Compass Explorer is exceptionally robust, oil filled and pressurised. It's military approved compass and is featured in most of survival kits.

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    Basic 4 cm wide belt, that will fit most belt loops. Features a metal press buckle with Helikon-Tex logo. Made from soft canvas (100 % cotton).

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    Following up the popularity of the UTP, we decided to offer their new version – Urban Tactical Flex Pants. Main construction of the pants remains the same, while there are some major changes, the most important beeing the fabric NYCO ripstop, one of the best and most durable fabrics. To maintain the freedom of movement, VersaStretch softshell elastic...

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    Admin pouch and optional waist bag, made from 500D Cordura with nylon pocket and rubber webbing sewed into different size compartments in the inside. Can be worn as a waist bag with removable belt. Standard Cubby Admin has an additional slide-in pocket in the front of the pouch with Velcro opening, while Cubby Plus has an extra larger pocket with zipper...

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    Larger admin pouch and optional waist bag made from 500D Cordura with extra front pocket, nylon pocket and rubber webbing sewed into different size compartments in the inside. Can be worn as a waist bag with removable belt. Standard Cubby Admin has an additional slide-in pocket in the front of the pouch with Velcro opening, while Cubby Plus has an extra...

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    Husar Tobacco snus pouch for stylishly safeguarding your snus or chewing tobacco or anything else for that matter. It can be used as a change wallet as well. Put it in a waist bag or backpack pocket or put it on your belt or standard MOLLE equipment.

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  • DD-TRP-33

    DD Hammocks 3 x 3 military tarp is our best-selling and recommended shelter for hammock campers of all experience levels. DD Tarp offers reliable protection wherever you go. With its 19 reinforced attachment points the tarps offers a huge number of setup options, and it's the first choice for bushcraft and survival schools, the military and countless wild...

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    Helikon-Tex Alpha Tactical fleece jacket is base insulation layer that can be worn as a middle layer or independently. Its grid fleece construction evacuates moisture and sweat. It has additional Velcro panels on biceps for easy personalization and two extra biceps pockets. Lightweight and packable, it can be compressed and easily transported. Mesh lining...

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  • K08023

    Pentagon Pentathlon fleece jacket is made from lightweight and breathable PolyCotton material. It features a classic slim fit design and offers excellent freedom of movement. It has a full front YKK zipper, high collar and a hood for added protection. Jacket has hand pockets and extra pocket on left sleeve. With superb protection against wind and cold it...

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  • K11003

    Pentagon Pindos 2.0 is highly stretchable thermal underwear shirt. It has excellent thermal and anti-bacterial properties and comes with Quick Dry material technology, comfortable soft micro fleece backing and low profile design for maximum freedom of movement. The shirt always adapts to the shape of the body and guarantees to keep its original shape and...

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    Trooper is an extremely lightweight soft shell outer layer with relaxed but quite slim fit, adapted for use in both urban and natural surroundings. Material technology provides adequate protection against wind, water, snow or dirt, keeping breathability at optimum level.

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    Travel towel Helikon-Tex, made of microfiber, is five times lighter than a regular towel. This fast drying and extremely absorbent towel is also highly compressible can be stored in cargo pants pocket or in a backpack. Suitable for soldiers, athletes and all outdoor activities.

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    Sealskinz Walking are thinner and mid length waterproof socks with new soft touch polyropylene outer fabric which gives you a softer shell with the same hard wearing properties you've come to expect. Perfect for a multitude of activities and conditions where an equal balance of warmth and breathability are required. Our bestselling model!

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    Stratus Heavy Fleece Jacket is based on the famous US Army fleece jacket, but with useful features added. It has two zippered chest pockets, additional internal pocket, mesh ventilation armpit insert and two upper sleeve pockets. Reinforcements on elbows and shoulders prevent fleece from damage. This jacket can be worn as standalone item or as additional...

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  • K08028

    Pentagon Amintor is comfortable fleece jacket with fine fleece inner backing and the outer layer with the appearance of knitted wool. Amintor is an excellent outdoor garment for everyday wear, hiking and travel. It has a high collar, a full-length front zipper, low profile zipped chest pocket, large zipped hand pockets lined with mesh and reinforced...

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  • K19002

    Pentagon's take on US military canteen water bottle. BPA Free and made of a high-density polyethylene. Despite its compact size it holds an impressive 1 L of water and its slim design makes it ultra portable. Pouch comes with two standard Alice fixing clips for fixing on belt, waist belt or backpack. Pouch has a small side pocket and insulation on the...

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