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Men's summer bacteriostatic T-shirt from Spaio Survival line. It fits well to everyone because of the unique material. Made ​​of soft yarn with unique bacteriostatic and anti-odor properties, perfect for summer.

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Its advantage is three-dimensional elasticity – it stretches in all directions, and appropriately selected size ensures a perfect fit to the body. The exceptional two-layer fabric structure combined with flat seam technology ensures the evacuation of moisture and sweat on the outside maintaining the skin dry (inner layer) and keeping its natural temperature. 



Appropriate for all sports and working activities

Active underwear is appropriate for all sports and working activities, it fits well, does not limit our movements and it does not get stuck in other layers of clothes.  

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Moisture evacuation

The exceptional two-layer fabric structure ensures the evacuation of moisture and sweat on the outside maintaining the skin dry (inner layer) and at the same time keeping its natural temperature. 

Bacteriostatic, quick absorption and hydrophilic

Unique bacteriostatic material stops bacteria from reproducing and remains odor-free. Special Dryarn fibers guarantees quickest absorption of moisture and its evacuation on the outside. Hydrophilic material means that it attracts water and moisture from the inside away from your body.



Dryarn fibers are graze-resistant with performances comparable to nylon and much higher than other synthetic or natural fibers. They are not affected by the unsightly pilling caused by rubbing and are more tear resistant compared to natural fibers and can be exposed to sun and heat for long periods without being affected in any way. Its colour fastness is remarkable – even after frequent washing, rubbing and immersion in sea water. Material is completely resistant to turpentine, acetone or other solvents that are often used to lake out greasy or stubborn stains.

Unique Dryarn fibers

Discover the lightness of Dryarn, the lightest yarn existing in nature. This innovative polyolefin fiber is lighter than other fibers, both natural and synthetic. With Dryarn you can enjoy a dry body and a delightful sense of well-being. Given its high surface tension, water, humidity and perspiration are drawn away from the fabric and are able to evaporate quickly or be absorbed by other compatible fibers such as cotton.  No more bad odors after intense physical activity. Dryarn does not absorb stains, so they can be easily removed with an ordinary detergent.  It does not become electrostatic and does not attract atmospheric dust. It does not provoke any type of allergic reaction.


Made in Italy.


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Material60% Polypropylene, 40% Polyamide

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