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Body armor Fenix VIP is designated for concealed use under clothing. It is suitable mostly for protected persons or special agents using civil clothes. 


Fenix Protector products are avaliable by request. All products can also be modified by request. 


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Design of body armor submits to maximum discrete wearing. It is made of ultra-thin materials. Outer material of the body armor adhesion of outer clothing and is silent. Used hooks and loops closures decrease wearing of clothing. Elastic parts are made of neoprene fabric, which is UV radiation stabile and excels in high endurance. The body armor is tailored such way, not to create unwanted folds and prevent user from compromising at any position.



  • Anatomical body armor shape
  • Hook and loop closures friendly to other clothing
  • Front pocket for ballistic plate
  • Business suit tailoring preventing folds
  • Concealed carry


Fenix Protector Technology:

Ballistic protection standard NIJ 01.01.04 IIIA

Ballistic protection IIIA in standard National Institute of Justice (NIJ) 01.01.04 is designed to protect user from:

  • Small arms fire up to pistol calibre 9mm FMJ with mass of bullet up to 8.2 g (124 gr) and velocity 436 m/s, plus calibre up to .44 Magnum with mass of the bullet up to 15.6 g (240 gr) and velocity 436 m/s
  • Fragments from grenades and IEDs with similar mass and velocity as above bullets
  • Stabs and cuts

Generally it is possible to say that the body armor should prevent penetration by bullets, fragments and blades into body of user and protect him/her from injury. Because bullets from small arms fire have high impact velocity, another task for body armor is to reduce secondary effect – body trauma effect (sagging of body armor in place of impact) and to minimize its effect on body of user. Warning: ballistic vests are not certified as anti-stab vests, where different standards apply - ice pick and arrow penetration etc.

Outer carrier

Made from comfortable cotton and robust neoprene straps. High breathability and ergonomy. Optimally distributes weight of the vest. Light-weight - 0.5 kg.

Aramid Teijin Twaron SB1 Plus

Soft ballistic protection made from aramid fibers Twaron. Twaron was developed by a Dutch company Akzo in the 70s. Today under different name Teijin Aramid, they are the main European (and global) competitor to US made Kevlar. Light-weight - 1.6 kg. Read more: Twaron.


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MaterialOuter vest: cotton and neoprene; soft ballistics: aramid Twaron SB1 Plus
WeightOuter vest: 0,5 kg; soft ballistics: 1,6 kg

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