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Company Perunika varnost d.o.o. is specialized in dealership, marketing, distribution and sales of tactical and safety products indented for members of broader security sector and determinated to provide continuous customer support. 

Our vision is to achieve national and regional recognisability and representation with the top-level services and customer support which are also our guiding principles to business success. We are looking for advanced, cost-efficient solutions in contemporary unpredictable economic, financial and security conditions, keeping quality-control of the final products and services our main goal.

  • Quality and affordable products
  • Continuous customer support
  • Returns accepted



Thank you very much for my order and the extra t-shirt. I will recommend your online shop to my French friends.

Olivier, France

Great deal! The item arrived safely and in excellent condition and I liked the patches very much

Yoshinobu, Japan

Thanks! You guys are really awesome, I'm serious! Now I'm even more stoked about the package coming in.

Dennis, USA

The meaning 

Perunika varnost d.o.o. shares its name with a widespread and extensive genus of flowering plants, which are also found in Slovenia. Perunika (Iris) has been recognized as s symbol of sovereign’s dignity under the false name ‘fleur-de-lis’ (lily) in heraldry – as a coat of arms of many families, houses, lands and cities – but it bears a special meaning for the Slovenian region; Slavonic heathens had put it on their roofs to protect their homes from lightning – the ‘tool’ of Perun, the god of thunder.



Our Logo

Company’s logo is the so-called ‘rune of Perun’ (‘thunder mark’) which bears the same meaning as its flowery counterpart – it was carved in roof beams in favour to Perun in order to protect the house from lightning. Company has accepted both symbols in order to stress out the security and safety character of the organization.


Company Perunika varnost d.o.o. was founded in 2013 by Blaž, Matej and Rok, classmates from the Defence Studies at University of Ljubljana. In spite of company Perunika varnost d.o.o.’s young formal age, its outline scheme is several years older.

To reach company’s vision and its optimal results we have, among other factors, identified as relevant several references and competences:

  • bachelor’s degrees of defence studies, currently working on master’s degree in defence studies, master’s degree in management and bachelor’s degree in international relations;
  • accredited authors of Slovenian armed forces magazine (official gazette of Ministry of Defence of Republic of Slovenia) and magazine Obramba (Defensor d.o.o.), authorship and editorship of security issues web newsletter Štab;
  • knowledge on safety equipment, clothing and footwear through working experience in forest industry, armed forces, shooting, alpinism and selling alpine gear, clothing and footwear;
  • former experience in organising independent projects – excursions in regions of the Western Balkans, lectures in the fields of the Western Balkans geopolitics, international conferences, roundtables etc.;
  • participation in European Union civilian crisis management courses;
  • participating in international regional conference of CCMR and Slovenian armed forces with the topic of counterterrorism challenges in Southeastern Europe.


Perunika varnost d.o.o.
Zasavska cesta 108
1231 Ljubljana-Črnuče
European Union

VAT ID number: SI88844021

Zasavska cesta 108
1231 Ljubljana-Črnuče

You can contact us by:

Email: info@perunika.org

Tel: +386 51 647 275 (Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 11:00 to 16:00 GMT +1, national holidays closed)

Skype ID:  perunika.org (Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 11:00 to 16:00 GMT +1, national holidays closed)

If you have any questions, please contact us. We will be happy to help you. 

Please also check Frequently Asked Questions for more information. 


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