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Helikon-Tex Swagman is not your ordinary blanket. It is a multifunction tool, applicable wherever a warm cover is required. Use it as a poncho liner, emergency sleeping bag, wrap in it as if it was a blanket, line your hammock with it, or just wear it as a stand-alone warm coat/poncho. It is made of thin Nylon fabric and filled with best insulating material, the Climashield Apex.

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Once upon a time, the trappers, the trekkers and even the soldiers did not carry sleeping bags. They carried blanket rolls. Up until very recently, wool was the best blanket material. Then, still several decades ago, Nylon fabrics came into being. During the Vietnam War, there appeared a new blanket – the Poncho Liner. Ultra lightweight blanket doubling as warming liner for rain-protection poncho.


In Australian slang ‘swagman’ means a travelling workman. Something like American cowboy or a trapper, occasionally on a lookout for a work on the Frontier. The difference was, the Australian swagman was traveling on foot and carried all his belongings in a bed roll. With the Swagman Roll we salute these intrepid men, trembling on chilly mornings in their moist blankets – but with our Swagman Roll you’ll never have to emulate that particular part of their lifestyle.



  • Keeps the user warm even when wet
  • Climashield Apex insulation (67 g/m2)
  • Lightweight and compressible
  • Full YKK zipper
  • Compression pack included
  • Warm hood
  • Integral transport pocket
  • Zippered front pocket
  • USGI poncho compatible
  • Can be used as: emergency jacket, sleeping bag or sleeping bag liner, blanket, hammock liner (quilt) etc.
  • Lightweight, non soaking, easy to transport
  • Ideally fits the Helikon-Tex BOB backpack
  • Co-designed with Survivaltech.pl survival experts

Helikon-Tex Bushcraft Line

Designed for hikers, hunters, wildlife enthusiasts, photographers, bushcrafters and anyone who appreciates a solid, rugged and well-thought out gear and garments that are useful in the wild and withstand wear, tear and campfires better than high-tech garments.

YKK zippers

Product of worldwide know Japanese company YKK Group. Their zippers have become a synonym for quality, durability and functionality. Most often they are used in textile industry of high quality, e.g. in alpine equipment and professional garments.

Climashield Apex

is the lightest weight and most thermally efficient continuous filament insulation on the market today. Developed from a culmination of over 25 years of manufacturing experience, this innovative insulation boasts 75 percent more loft and 30 percent more thermal efficiency than any other continuous filament insulation. Equipped with a proprietary surface encapsulation technology, Climashield Apex offers excellent warmth, even when wet, without obstructing moisture transfer from the body.

Available in Camogrom pattern

Camogrom is a Camouflage pattern that was developed by Helikon-Tex to meet the needs of Polish Special Forces. Camogrom is a variation of MultiCam (Crye Precision) which is used in the armed and security forces for more than twenty-five countries. Camogrom combines MultiCam quality and lower price. The pattern gained its recognition and prevalence with effective camouflage – by reflecting surrounding environment, disguising volume and shape and balancing scale and contrast.

WindPack Nylon material

Fabric woven from nylon. It is made with canvas weave and reinforced with ripstop grid. The material is treated with DWR waterproofing DuPont Teflon coating. Very breathable and moisture wicking. Ultralight, packable and windproof.



Size145 x 200 cm
MaterialClimashield Apex insulation (67 g/m2), Nylon ripstop outer layer
Weight820 g

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must have!

Good quality, very warm, easy to put on,

don´t know, how resistant the material is against flying sparks if you sit aroung a nice fire....

have bouhgt allready a second one and this thing is absolutely recommendable...

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