Helikon-Tex Outdoor Tactical Pants



Outdoor and hiking variant of tactical pants. Slightly redesigned and with new, highly stretchable fabric that performs very well in outdoor activities. Lightweight, breathable, moisture-wicking and extremely comfortable – yet maintaining all the utility features of the original urban tactical pants, the OTP are soon to become your favorite trekking pants.

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The cut and pocket layout retain the civilian outlook, not disclosing the operator. The OTP design allows to carry all essential equipment, and anatomic cut does not hinder movements. Elastic waistband and Vecro-closure allow a degree of adjustability within size. Large belt loops allow wide belts to be used (EDC, UTL or Cobra, up to 50 mm width). The jeans cut on the rear part of the pants prevents them from sliding down. Pocket layout allows to distribute the load close to the center mass – around hips and waist. Pocket edges are reinforced to withstand constant sliding of the light and knives clips. Two Velcro-closed front pockets are big enough to take a smart phone – or a spare rifle (AK/AR) magazine. Zippered thigh pockets seem small enough, but they would carry a wallet or a small pouch. A wide variety of colors allow to find the proper one to match the working conditions or other garments.



  • Two classical pockets with light/knife clips edge reinforcements
  • Wide back pockets, fit for duty as dump pouches
  • Two narrow (baton or magazine) pockets inside rear pockets with adjustable depth
  • Two thigh pockets closed with an inverted YKK® zipper for ID and small personal items
  • Two front velcro-closed flapped pockets, for smartphones or AR/AK rifle magazines
  • Elastic waistband with velcro-closure for adjustment
  • 50 mm wide belt loops
  • Two lanyard loops or D-rings at belt loops in front
  • Classical blue jeans cut reduces the pants tendency to ride down
  • Internal length of the pant leg: 8,5”
  • YKK zippered fly

Designed for all sport and outdoor activities - trekking, hiking, survivalism etc. In addition to all the sportwear functionalities Outback line products maintain tactical qualities - use at the range etc.
Product of worldwide know Japanese company YKK Group. Their zippers have become a synonym for quality, durability and functionality. Most often they are used in textile industry of high quality, e.g. in alpine equipment and professional garments.

Two front pockets with strengthened edges, four pockets on the thighs (two large with reverse zipper), intended to carrying documents and small personal belongings. Smaller pockets in the front of thighs are fastened with a hook-and-loop fastener. They are intended for carrying mobile phones, magazines for AR carbines and pistols magazines. Two large rear pockets with two auxiliary small packets placed inside rear pockets.

Thanks to flat elastic tape sewn in the rear part of the belt list pants are well-fitting in the waist.




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*long version is 5 cm longer than regular version

Mass580 g
Material93 % Nylon, 7 % Spandex + DuPont Teflon Coating

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Težko boste našli hlače, ki se lahko primerjajo s temi...



Hlače so fenomenalne, se ulijejo po telesu, lepo raztegljive, prva liga.



Great 'outdoor' version of the UTP trousers - I have tested them on the IJsselmeer by various kinds of weather: drizzle any spray come easily off, which is fantastic as it keeps the sailor dry, and they are perfectly windproof; although they feel a little sweaty under full sunshine. I think the 'urban' version is still the best for universal purposes, and I readily recommend the trousers to anyone I know.


Great active/hunting pants

I bought this pants for hunting activities. They are great for driven hunt, stalking and also for waiting. For static hunting in winter time I would recommend wearing long under pants. Material is very silent when moving and dry’s quickly. Teflon coating is very useful for removing dirt and blood. Original knee pad inserts are a must for a driven hunt, they also provide good knee insulation during cold days. For hunting I would recommend brown and dark green (taiga green) color. Brown color comes darker than shown on picture so it blends great with the color of winter forest floor. I also use this pants for hiking and I’m planning to get one more pair in black or grey color. Knee pad inserts saved my knees in more than one occasion when I’ve fallen down on rocky terrain. . Price is lower than of most similar pants from the competition.


great pants

very good winter pants for all occasions, lots of purpose and multipurpose pockets...very glad i bought them...thank you guys at perunika.org for all the advice and everything else



Très bon rapport qualité prix!

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