Carinthia Defence 4 Military Sleeping Bag



The Defence 4 sleeping bag is the most popular and best-selling allround sleeping bag. It features excellent weight to stuff size and performance ratio. It is a well-established, 3 season sleeping bag that has proven to be 100 % reliable on cold nights both in the wilderness and in snow caves.

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The Carinthia Defence 4 sleeping bag is known for excellent weight to warmth ratio. It weighs merely 1850 g (size M) while having a comfort limit at -15° C and extreme limit at -36.6° C. It is made of Polyamid outer and inner layer and uses the superb G-Loft insulation. Additionally it features a protection flap on the outer side of the zipper that keeps out wind and wetness. The outer shell is a super-light, highly resistant, microfibre nylon with a fine microporous coating which makes it waterproof. There is a generous zipper baffle on the inside of the zipper to prevent the heat loss at the zipper.



  • G-Loft insulation
  • Shelltrans inner layer
  • Differential cut that ensures the greatest loft in all areas and in every position.
  • Thermoflect technology
  • Trapezoidal foot section for maximum warmth and space
  • Mummy shape for better fit and warmth 
  • Two way zipper
  • Compatible with other products from Carinthia
  • Packed size: 23×38 cm (M), 25×38 cm (L)
  • Comfort temperature male: -15° C
  • Comfort temperature female: -8.8° C
  • Extreme temperature: -36.6° C
  • Length: 215 cm (M), 230 cm (L)
  • Width: 84 x 57 cm (M), 87 x 60 cm (L)
  • Made in Europe.


G-Loft insulation

G-LOFT is perceptibly lighter and has a measurably higher heat rating/thermal efficiency than any other material of the same. G-LOFT products are also highly compressible. The G-LOFT fibre combines the advantages of natural down with the ruggedness of synthetic fibres. G-LOFT synthetic fibres do not absorb dampness and so guarantee a high thermal efficiency even in wet conditions. Thanks to the natural clustering G-LOFT insulation is also highly breathable. Made in Austria.


Thermoflect increases the heat retention of a sleeping bag by around 11 %. Thermoflect is Carinthia's solution to heat loss due to body radiation. It is an ultra-light, ultra-soft, breathable scrim with the unique ability to reflect body-heat.

Shelltrans lining

Light, breathable and down-proof polyamide rip-stop fabric. The rip-stop construction consists of nearly 4000 microfine filaments per square centimeter. The complex structure makes the fabric extremely wind repellent while maintaining excellent moisture transporting capabilities. The water repellent treatment prevents moisture from penetrating from the outside. This keeps the body warm and dry in all conditions.


Size23 × 38 cm (M), 25 × 38 cm (L) compression bag; length 215 cm (M), 230 cm (L)
MaterialOuter fabric: Shellproof (100 % Polyamide + PU Coating), inner fabric Shelltrans (100 % Polyamide); insulation G-LOFT Duro - Body 145 g/m²
ColorOlive Green
Weight1850 g (size M), 2000 g (size L)

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Zelo topla in funkcionalna spalna vreča.

Nakup v trgovini Perunika je potekal brez težav s hitro dostavo, tako da sem lahko spalno vrečo hitro preizkusil. Spalna vreča je namenjena za vse letne čase (tudi pozimi s temperaturami pod ničlo), pri tem pa velja, da je potrebno v toplejših letnih časih odložiti skoraj vsa oblačila, saj je vreča zelo topla. Ima sredinsko odpiranje in robustno izvedbo zadrge. Pri tem modelu spalne vreče naj bi bil vrhnji material vodoodbojen (ne pa nepremočljiv), kar po ocenah uporabnikov v tujini omogoča tudi prespanje na prostem brez strahu, da jutranja rosa premoči vrečo. Slednje bom preizkusil tudi sam v naslednjih dneh v upanju, da drži. :-)


carinthia defence 4 sleeping bag

I received the carinthia defence 4 sleeping bag yesterday.
Everything OK. Thanks for the quick dispatch. Good service.
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