Carinthia Tropen Military Sleeping Bag



Carinthia Tropen is an extremely lightweight summer sleeping bag with a very small pack size and low weight. The head region is characterized by an integrated mosquito net which ensures quiet nights. It has an excellent weight to stuff size and performance ratio for a summer sleeping bag. Comfort limit is +5° C.

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Carinthia Tropen is a light-weight sleeping bag with an extremely small packing size and minimum weight. Its remarkable feature is its vapour permeability which is very important for hot and humid tropical nights. The Shelltrans shell fits loosely over the inner structure and provides an extra layer of insulation with no cold seams. This construction ensures reserve warmth for cool, foggy nights. In warmer weather the bottom part of the two-way zipper can be opened for ventilation. The hood is equipped with a mosquito net which can be folded out of the flap if required (the mosquito net is in the front part of the bag and stored behind the flap with press studs). The net can easily be attached around the hood by means of the small zipper. The zipper is non-snagging so that you can always get out quickly and easily.



  • G-Loft insulation
  • Shelltrans inner layer
  • Differential cut that ensures the greatest loft in all areas and in every position.
  • Thermoflect technology
  • Trapezoidal foot section for maximum warmth and space
  • Mummy shape for better fit and warmth 
  • Two way zipper
  • Compatible with other products from Carinthia
  • Packed size: 18 × 30 cm
  • Comfort temperature male: +5° C
  • Extreme temperature: -12° C
  • Length: 220 cm (M), 235 cm (L)
  • Width: 85 x 60 cm (M), 87 x 65 cm (L)
  • Made in Europe.


G-Loft insulation

G-LOFT is perceptibly lighter and has a measurably higher heat rating/thermal efficiency than any other material of the same. G-LOFT products are also highly compressible. The G-LOFT fibre combines the advantages of natural down with the ruggedness of synthetic fibres. G-LOFT synthetic fibres do not absorb dampness and so guarantee a high thermal efficiency even in wet conditions. Thanks to the natural clustering G-LOFT insulation is also highly breathable. Made in Austria.


Thermoflect increases the heat retention of a sleeping bag by around 11 %. Thermoflect is Carinthia's solution to heat loss due to body radiation. It is an ultra-light, ultra-soft, breathable scrim with the unique ability to reflect body-heat.

Shelltrans lining

Light, breathable and down-proof polyamide rip-stop fabric. The rip-stop construction consists of nearly 4000 microfine filaments per square centimeter. The complex structure makes the fabric extremely wind repellent while maintaining excellent moisture transporting capabilities. The water repellent treatment prevents moisture from penetrating from the outside. This keeps the body warm and dry in all conditions.


Size18 × 30 cm compression bag; length 220 cm (M), 235 cm (L)
MaterialOuter fabric: Shellproof (100 % Polyamide + PU Coating), inner fabric Shelltrans (100 % Polyamide); insulation G-LOFT Duro - Body 135 g/m²
ColorOlive Green
Weight1100 g (size M), 1300 g (size L)

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Spalka je top. Super se obnese tudi v hladnejšem vremenu. V bivibagu pri -3 brez probleme.

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