Clawgear Operator Combat Pants Multicam NYCO



Clawgear Operator are robust, but comfortable combat pants in original MultiCam NYCO material. Pants have optimized belt area for rigger and safety belts as well as for suspenders, modular knee pad compartment with height adjustment allows the use of a wide range of different knee pad inserts. Pants also offers reduced IR signature, adjustable waist and a great variety of pockets.

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The Operator Combat pants sets the focus on its fit and versatility. They feature the proven waist adjustment system with elastic components for better comfort and absorption of body movements. The integrated main thigh pockets offer sufficient room and provide a seperate compartment for the user's smartphone – everything is accessible even when wearing gloves. A small pocket on outside of the thigh is construed to stow a knife or a pistol mag. On the inner backside is a hidden pocket which can be used for documents, e.g. a passport. The inside knee area is equipped with a convenient and moisture-wicking fabric to provide optimum sweat absorption. On the very bottom of the pant you can fix the leg-ends via gaiter hooks on your footwear to prevent the pant from moving upwards. Despite its comfortable fit, the pants robustness and reduced nIR signature (not valid for Multicam Polycotton) are outstanding. 'YKK' zippers and high-grade sewing threads have been processed. All main seams are triple stitched for extra durability, many heavily used spots are furthermore reinforced with bartack stitches.



  • Excellent wearing comfort, perfect fit and ease of movement
  • Waist adjustment system with elastic components for better comfort
  • 50 mm wide belt loops
  • Pants closes with two buttons
  • Articulated knee area for perfect fit
  • Adjustable leg end width with elastic
  • Optimized for safety and rigger belt use
  • Adjustable knee-height and integrated knee pad compartments
  • Moisture-wicking fabric inside knee area to provide sweat absorption
  • Durable water repellent coating
  • Innovative pocket concept
  • Two front pockets, two zippered back pockets, two smaller magazine pouches
  • Main pockets have extra reinforced knife compartment
  • Lower cut on front pockets for easier access (especially sitting down)
  • Lower back area is higher and with micro fleece for better comfort
  • Gaiter hooks to fix leg-ends on footwear
  • Triple stitched main seams, reinforced areas via bartack stitches
  • Robust material (Mil-Spec NYCO ripstop)
  • Integrated main thigh pockets (zipper) with a seperate compartment for smartphone
  • Hidden inner pocket for documents
  • Small outer pocket  to stow a knife or a pistol mag
  • YKK zippers
  • IRR/NIR (low IR visibility)
  • Recommended kneepads D3O Trust HP can be installed via the button holes (not included)

YKK zippers

Product of worldwide know Japanese company YKK Group. Their zippers have become a synonym for quality, durability and functionality. Most often they are used in textile industry of high quality, e.g. in alpine equipment and professional garments.

NYCO MIL-SPEC NIR treated material

NYCO ripstop material (50% nylon and 50% cotton) is produced in accordance with US military standard (MIL-SPEC). Material is NIR treated – IR absorbent for night vision camouflage.

Available in MultiCam pattern

MultiCam is a camouflage pattern, designed for usage in many different environments. It was developed by Crye Precision company and is used by law enforcement and armed forces in more than 25 states. MultiCam is one of the most copied patterns on the market, but only the real MultiCam provides the same quality, distinguished by color durability, optimal shades and minimal IR detectability. The pattern became recognized and wide spread by efficient concealing of size and shape of camouflaged object, acceptance of background shadows and balanced relation between color scale and contrast.



Size Chart






S (30)8481
M (32)8881
M (33)9281
L (34)9681
XL (36)10281
XXL (38)10881
3XL (40)11481

*long version is 5 cm longer than regular version

*for extra-long versions (+10 cm) write us an e-mail

Mass740 g
MaterialNIR NYCO blend (50% nylon, 50% cotton); lining in knee area made of 100% polyester

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