Helikon-Tex Urban Tactical Pants NYCO ripstop



Urban Tactical Pants (UTP) in genuine NYCO ripstop material and Pencott camouflage. UTP provide a greater functionality as compared with typically civilian clothes or low-profile clothing intended for carrying a weapon and equipment in a discrete manner. NYCO ripstop is still lighter and more elastic and ergonomic than canvas, but much more robust than standard poly-cotton material.

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Urban Tactical Pants (UTP) were designed as a "mid-profile" model which means they look less like an uniform such as BDU, ACU, SFU, CPU or M-65. UTP provide a greater functionality as compared with typically civilian clothes or low-profile clothing intended for carrying a weapon and equipment in a discrete manner.



  • Classic jeans 'neck' limits falling the trousers down.
  • Knee reinforcements are made of two layers of fabrics. Between the layers is a pocket for integrated knee pads.
  • Knees are profiled with pleats.
  • The leg in the rear part is also profiled. It is divided and connected with a profiling pleat under the knee.
  • The front belt loops have additional loops, allowing to attach the carabiner.

Designed and manufactured for services requiring tactical clothing to operate in urban environment. Civilian look allows efficiency of action and performance without attracting unnecessary attention. The UTL products are characterized by neat trimming, use of high-quality materials and well thought-out tactical design. UTL clothing is successfully used by police, law enforcement officers, special services, armed forces etc. EU origin, made in Poland.

Product of worldwide know Japanese company YKK Group. Their zippers have become a synonym for quality, durability and functionality. Most often they are used in textile industry of high quality, e.g. in alpine equipment and professional garments.

Two front pockets with strengthened edges, four pockets on the thighs (two large with reverse zipper), intended to carrying documents and small personal belongings. Smaller pockets in the front of thighs are fastened with a hook-and-loop fastener. They are intended for carrying mobile phones, magazines for AR carbines and pistols magazines. Two slanted inner pockets, sewn in diagonally to the belt list. Designed for discreet and easy carrying items like batons or extra pistol magazines. Two large rear pockets with two auxiliary small packets placed inside rear pockets.

Thanks to flat elastic tape sewn in the rear part of the belt list pants are well-fitting in the waist.
NYCO ripstop material (50 % nylon and 50 % cotton) is produced in accordance with US military standard (MIL-SPEC). Material is NIR treated – IR absorbent for night vision camouflage.
PenCott GreenZone is a digital camouflage produced by the UK company Hyde Definition. Pattern elements achieve a three dimensional effect; the illusion of depth. Digital camo means non-curvy transitions between tones (squares and rectangular shapes). Camouflage is multi-fractal, meaning it carries a micro-pattern (close range), a macro-pattern (long range), and an innovative midi-pattern (middle range). This ensures that the PenCott continues to conceal the user whether he is few meters away or 400.



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*long version is 5 cm longer than regular version

Mass820 g
Material50 % Cotton, 50 % Nylon (NYCO ripstop, Mil-Spec, IR absorption)

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