Tactical gloves Holik India Plus Kevlar 8 (S)



Short tactical gloves made from Kevlar with extra knuckle protection designed for army, police and security sector. Extra knuckle protection is excellent for breaking glass in emergency.

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  • Extra knuckle protection
  • Intended for use where the emphasis is on resistance, high sensitivity and comfort at work (handling)
  • Adhesion and strength of the back of the glove are provided by Nomex knitwear
  • The palm section of the glove is made of kid with a water-repellent treatment
  • This leather has excellent high strength and sensitivity
  • The back section of the glove is fitted with a leather reinforcement increasing protection of joints
  • The exposed parts of the hand such as the palm, area between the thumb and index finger and finger tips are reinforced with kid
  • Finger skeleton is made from kevlar for extra durability and protection
  • Anika Plus Kevlar is fitted with a palm reinforcement that is lined with anti-cutting textile made of Kevlar and Nomex mixture
  • Knitting of Kevlar in 200 g/m2


Kevlar is the registered trademark for a para-aramid synthetic fiber, developed by DuPont company. It is five times stronger than steel on an equal weight basis. Kevlar based protective gear is often considerably lighter and thinner than equivalent gear made of more traditional materials. Kevlar is a well-known component of personal armor such as combat helmets, ballistic face masks, and ballistic vests.


It is often used to manufacture gloves, sleeves, jackets, chaps and other articles of clothing designed to protect users from cuts, abrasions and heat. Unlike nylon, polyester and polyethylene gloves Kevlar gloves do not melt and do not burn. In comparison with Nomex Kevlar has a higher cut resistance and durability, but on the other hand Nomex carbonizes at extreme temperatures and hardens to protect the user and also has higher chemical and radiological resistance. Therefore Kevlar and Nomex cannot compete. Choose your gloves according to your needs!




Made in the Czech Republic, EU.


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Your hand's perimeter*

(in centimeters)

Your hand's perimeter*

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7 (XS)16.7-19.26.29-7.48
8 (S)19.2-21.77.48-8.26
9 (M)21.7-24.28.26-9.44
10 (L)24.2-26.79.44-10.23
11 (XL)26.7-29.210.23-11.41


Weight119 g
MaterialKevlar (200 g/m2) , Nomex (360 g/m2), hydrophobic goat skin

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Rokavice same po sebi so v redu , tako kot je zapisano v predstavitvi .
Problem je samo v tem (
rokavico je moč fiksirati v predelu zapestja z velcro trakom ) , ker se je vsaj meni na tem predelu zaradi slabega prešitja ob natikanju rokavice vse potrgalo , tako da sem moral šive ojačati in zdaj je ok .
Mislim , da bi bilo potrebno na tem delu šive serijsko ojačat , da ostali kupci nebi imeli isto težavo ob nepravem času ( takrat , ko je najbolj pomembno - delo ) .
Zato tudi cena ni ok .
Za takšno serijsko kakovost so vredne nekje okoli 30 - 40 € .
Izdelek priporočam , ker vse drugo je vrhunsko , a pod pogojem , da se cena zniža na navedeno in v prihodnosti serijsko ojača šive .

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